Shuniah - Thunder Bay, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Shuniah ("Shoon-ya") is named for the Lake above the neighbourhood, that drains into McVicar Creek that winds its way through the middle of the neighbourhood.. The community is sloped from the Thunder Bay Expressway down to Algoma Street. Older homes with big lots and tall trees make this neighbourhood special, and many homes date back 50 to 60 years.

Its proximity to Port Arthur General Hospital made it very convenient for those concerned about medical care, though the hospital is slated for closure in 2002. This will free up land for future development on the south-west side of Boulevard Lake and the Current River, with excellent access to the lake and recreational trails around it.


The community has good elementary schools with both the public and Catholic school boards, with the Catholic high school in the neighbourhood and the public high school close-by. The nearest public library is on Red River Road. Boulevard lake at Current River Park


Grandview Mall is close-by, though some residents head to the County Fair Plaza or the Downtown North, depending on their shopping needs. There are a number of shops and boutiques clustered along Court & Cumberland.


On the northeast edge of the community is the Current River, which flows into beautiful Boulevard Lake in Centennial Park & Boulevard Lake Park, and there are several recreational pathways around the lake suitable for biking or jogging. The north end of the park offers The Bluffs Scenic Lookout, for great views of the city and the Lake. There are also a number of parks and open areas alongside the McVicar Creek. There is a community hall at North End Park and an indoor ice arena at Grandview Park, beside the Mall. A short drive to the east is the Strathcona Golf Course.

Community Map