Vickers Heights, Rosslyn - Thunder Bay, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

These neighbourhoods lie south and west of the airport, with Rosslyn along Rosslyn Road, and Vickers Heights south of it, on both sides of the Kministiquia River. Most of this community is rural in nature, with homes on large acreages.


There are elementary schools on both sides of the river, and a Catholic elementary school on Rosslyn. High school students need to be bussed into town. Historic Old Fort William is right in the neighbourhood


The community has shops along Arthur Street, including the Arthur Street Marketplace (formerly the Thunder Bay Mall), just west of the Thunder Bay Expressway.


This raral area has much undeveloped (though not necessarily public) land. The neighbourhood is situated around the must-see Fort William attraction, and is also close to downhill skiing at Mt McKay. A short drive to the east is Chippewa Park with its Fun Fair and Wildlife Exhibit.

Community Map