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Downtown is a vibrant part of town> In the Thunder Bay area, there are several key retail districts, where you can find pretty well anything you're looking for:

Arthur St. Marketplace
Arthur Street, west of Thunder Bay Expressway
Located here are a Mall on Arthur St. which forms the core for a marketplace in this busy retail area just north of the airport.

Victoriaville - Downtown South
Arthur Street and May Street
This area, nestled abound city hall and the Victoriaville mall is a bustle of activity. It is Fort Williams' historical centre, and has always been busy. This area has some establishments catering to tourists, but also lots for the locals including some small specialty shops.

Intercity is attracting the big box stores> Intercity area
Along main Street and Fort William Rd
This area, central to both the northern and southern parts of the city, is attracting the newer big box stores and entertainment giants, like Silver City.

Downtown North
Red River Road, between Algoma St & Cumberland St
This area is along the waterfront of what used to be Port Arthur. This area has a small Showcase (formerly Keskus Mall), and is quickly becoming trendy for its little boutiques and ethnic restaurants. Its easy to get away from the hustle and bustle here by retreating either to Waverly park with its bandstand or to Marina Park with its expansive views of the lake and the Sleeping Giant.

Bay & Algoma
This neighbourhood is the heart of the city's Finnish and Italian ethnic communities, with many restaurants specialty shops, and the recently completed Italian Centennial Hall. This shopping area is not far from the Canada Games Complex, the Port Arthur Stadium, and the Community Auditorium, guaranteeing it solid crowds on performance nights.

Kakebeka Falls
20 km west on highway 11/17
This community has a thriving marketplace, targeted at both tourists and getaway weekend shoppers.

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