Thunder Bay Shopping Centres and Shopping Malls

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Intercity Shopping Centre

The Thunder Bay area has several shopping complexes, many of them "Plazas" at intersection of major traffic arteries. Here are the larger Shopping Centres:

Check out the area's shopping districts and Maps of Shopping Malls.

Shopping Centre



Phone #

Arthur Street Marketplace 1101 Arthur St WThunder Bay (807) 473-5815
Centennial Square 101 Syndicate Rd NThunder Bay(807) 622-9575
County Fair Plaza 1020 Dawson RdThunder Bay(807) 767-8758
Grandview Mall 640 River St. Thunder Bay (807) 346-8056
Intercity Shopping Centre 1000 Fort William Rd Thunder Bay (807) 623-6646
Northwood Park Plaza425 Edward St N Northwood Park Thunder Bay(807) 577-7933
Victoriaville Centre 500 Donald St EThunder Bay(807) 623-4944

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