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Race cars turning the corner

The speed and daring of auto racers is a vicarious thrill for most of us (unless you've earned a speeding ticket). Millions of motorsport fans love the noisy power of souped-up cars making it a universal spectator sport around the world. Its a lot safer than driving fast on our city street.

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For auto racing you need a car. If you are racing at the local speedway on "amateur day", any car will do, but the professional racers depend on a fast car for their living. A good racing car can cost as much several million dollars, and as much again to maintain each year. When racing, you also need to wear a helmet and a flame-resistant suit.

If you are considering buying a race car, you can find new and used auto racers in the Bargain Finder, through Race City Speedway Motorsport Park, or on the Web.

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Most health clubs, gyms, community activity centres (even the university and colleges) offer aerobics classes. After you decide where to take your classes, select a level (most people should start with a beginners class). You can also do aerobics at home, with a good selection of TV programs or workout videos available for rent or sale. If you are considering a home workout, check with your physician about any health concerns.

If you can't find any nearby classes, call your local Parks and Recreation office or a health club for suggestions.

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