Thunder Bay Parking

The Parking Authority operates 15 surface parking lots and two parking structures, as well as 1,525 metered on-street parking spaces. Parking enforcement throughout the City is administered by the Parking Authority using contract security personnel.

There's a maximum of 48 hours parking on City streets, except during the winter. Parking is prohibited on any designated fire route or within three meters of a fire hydrant; or in an area that would block a driveway; on private property without the owner's permission; in a disabled area without a permit; or where a No Parking sign is posted. As mentioned there are a few exceptions for the winter.

City of Thunder Bay Parking Authority
P.O. Box 800
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7C 5K4

Winter Restrictions
These conditions apply to ever street inside City limits, no matter what the current weather conditions, to ensure effective winter maintenance. There will be signs posted on major routes indicating No Parking from 2:00 am to 7:00 am from November 15 to April 30. This enables these routes to be open for service and emergency vehicles.

On streets where parking is allowed, Calendar Parking applies from the 15th of November to March 31. The sign may read No Parking, and the word odd, this means parking is not allowed on odd days of the month between 9 am and 5 pm. If the signs says No Parking with the word even, then parking is not allowed on even calendar days between 9 am and 5 pm.

Do not attempt to park in a tour bus loading zone, within 5 metres (yards) of a fire hydrant, alley, driveway, or intersection. You WILL be ticketed.

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